Your Hot Mama Make Up Class

HI Ladies –

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you while I am hanging by the pool.  I just wanted to send out a quick workout since we did not meet for class today.
You are going to do 3 minutes of cardio followed by strength sets.

Set 1:
1 minute each – jumping jacks, jumping jacks with squat (you land in a squat when your feet come together), aerial jacks
3 sets – 6 reps of slow push ups / 12 reps of shove offs (lean on something such a s a counter top or back of a chair and push off with power)

Set 2:
1 minute each: back lunge (alternate feet lunging back), back lunge with a knee raise to the front, jump lunge (switching feet mid-air)
3 sets: 6 reps of slow pike press (in an upside down V and bring your forehead to the floor) / 12 reps on stomach with arms out to the side and thumbs up and lift up shoulders and head

Set 3:
1 minute each  – jog in place, high knees, quick feet
3 sets: 6 reps of v-ups slow / 12 reps of v-twists

This will take you 20-25 minutes.  To make it longer you can go through it again or double up just the cardio portion.  So, you would do the 1 minute moves two times through for a total of 6 minutes before moving on to the strength portion.

If I get really savvy at this I will try to add photos to future workouts!
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Have fun,

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