Class Updates and FREE Yoga

Just a couple of updates. April classes are starting soon, so remember to sign up on  Below is the schedule for the month:

4/2 – Intervals – also my birthday, so there will be a very special #36 workout!
4/5 – Cross Fit inspired
4/9 – Circuits
4/12 – Strength & Agility
4/16 – CF
4/19 – Intervals
4/23 – S&A
4/26 – Circuits
4/30 – I

Also, I am going to start adding on an optional 30 minute yoga class to the end of Thursday’s classes.  I would like to pay you back with a little relaxation for all of your support.  This is FREE, so you are welcome to stay for the 30 minutes.  This is for everyone.  People are welcome to pop in for just the yoga portion at 10:00.  This will allow you some time to try yoga and allow me to practice my teaching skills before I start to offer an “official” adult class.

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