Hot Mama Class Updates for May

The May session is underway and we will be following the schedule below.  We will not have class on the 28th – Memorial Day.  Also, I am switching our Crossfit days to Cardio so we can get ready for summer – especially those of you who want to run/jog a 5K or two this summer. 

5/3 – Cardio
5/7 – Circuit
5/10 – Strength & Agility
5/14 – Cardio
5/17 – Intervals
5/21 – Strength & Agility
5/24 – Circuit
5/31 – Cardio

Starting in June, we are going to move outside on MONDAYS again to Houghton Park on Elm St.  We will use the tennis courts there so the kids can be contained.  You can pay me directly on Mondays.  It will be $5/class and you can just pay that day.  You will have to continue to register for the Thursday’s class at  We will meet outside on Mondays throughout the summer and possibly into September.  We will continue to meet at 9:00 through the end of June and then we will switch to 8:30 for July and August.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the gym floor has been messy lately from all of the crumbs and sticky from some juice dribbles.  I would like to try not having any snacks at the gym.  Perhaps we can give the kids a snack before entering the gym – on the ride over.  The older kids can make it and then they will spend more time running/playing and less eating.  I know that the younger ones do get antsy, so if you feel that your child definitely cannot make it the hour, just bring something small that they can eat in their stroller, so it can be contained in one area and then clean up the crumbs as soon as they are done, so they don’t get run across by the other kids and spread.  I am hoping that if no one has snacks then they won’t think that they need to eat too.  I am also requesting that we only bring water into the gym as well since sippy cups do dribble.  I am sorry for the new rules, but I want to keep City Hall happy so we can continue to use the space.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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