Strawberry and Kale Season = Shrek Shakes

My daughters and I decided to stop by Hudak’s (one of the best farm stands in VT) today because we heard a rumor that strawberry picking season has begun.  It was no rumor, it was truth, prolific truth.  I have not had the best luck strawberry picking over the years.  We always seem to be a couple of days too late or there are only very small strawberries left or  it’s too hot and everyone is cranky.  However, my luck turned around today.  There was a nice, cool breeze and we filled our flat with big, ripe strawberries in less than 30 minutes, including time for snacking and chatting – a record!

When we came home my 5 year old and I decided to make shortcake for dessert that night and lots of jam.  I also knew that my kale bed needed thinning in the garden.  It was a perfect opportunity to make our summer shrek shakes.  This has been one the few ways to get my kids to eat kale, which grows non-stop all summer.  There is never a shortage of kale in our home.  In fact before I started gardening myself, I joined a CSA.  This was in 1999 and it was a brand new CSA in my town.  I didn’t receive a big variety of veggies that summer, however I received loads of kale every week.  It became a challenge to come up with new ways to prepare kale.  I rose to the challenge and since then have developed a true love of kale and look forward to it every spring, summer and fall – because it grows first and the longest.  I hope to instill this love of kale in my children, however they are still resistant, so I find sneaky ways to add it to their meals.  So here is the recipe for Shrek Shakes.  And, yes, the name was coined when my oldest daughter was obsessed with the Shrek movies and I was convincing her that these shakes were something she would love – like Shrek.

2 cups of strawberries – fresh picked are best but frozen will do

1 cup yogurt – I used Greek plain yogurt

handfull of kale – start small, add as the flavor grows on you

dash of maple syrup – I used this only because I used plain yogurt and I was in a Vermonty mood

I also put in half an orange because it was on the counter

Variations:  Bananas are a great addition and can replace strawberries; peanut butter; juice; any fruit; carrots; you may even be able to get away with some red pepper

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