Incredible Mountain Bike Event


I had a great day at the Franklin County Mountain Bike Club’s 1st Festival .  The group did such a fantastic job organizing events for the day.  It is so gratifying to live in a town where you can feel the positive changes happening.  There are many young people in St. Albans taking the reins and making our community a great place to live and raise families.  This event is one of those things that make me proud to say where I live.

The kids had a blast playing lots of games on their bikes and taking a trail ride.  I know that my girls were so excited to have gone on a “real mountain bike ride”.  My 5 year old was even more excited to have won bike limbo on her tiny bike.  I had my own win in the time trail – although there were only three women in it and the gal in second place pretty much tied with me.  But, as they say showing up is half the battle sometimes.  What made me even happier than all of that was the group who joined me in a yoga cool down at the end.









Thanks to everyone who came and participated and to Stephen and Angela for putting it all together!

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