New Special Classes!


I am starting a new series of classes that are different than the flow yoga that I traditionally teach. I want to offer fun classes that would offer something unique that I cannot always do. The classes will be the second Thursday of the month at SABYS at 13 Center, St. Albans.

January 8th – Funky Flow – This class will incorporate lots of fun music that you may not see in a traditional class. It will be open to all levels, but will have more options for power, include more vigorous breathing techniques and inversions. Come and give it a try!

February 12th – Chakra Balancing – This class will  include education on the chakras,a personalized chakra reading and focused movement and meditation designed to ignite, open, and awaken each chakra. Tuning into our chakras can help engage the mind – body connection and release chronic tightness, tension and pain. The class may run 90 minutes, depending upon the number of participants, to allow for everyone who would like a reading to receive one.

March 19th – Yoga for Athletes – Chronically tight hamstrings? Achy lower back? Stiff hips? It takes one to know one! Come bring some yin to your yang. This class will focus on how to release these tight spots that active people develop. We will use lots of props to make sure that you are receiving the full benefits of the poses.

April 9th – TBD

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