Update on Kids Class

Due to the Kids Yoga class now being held at SABYS, I am making some adjustments in the policy and pricing. Unfortunately, there is not really a waiting room, there is just a part of the classroom that has some chairs. A big part of yoga is teaching people how to quiet their bodies and minds. This can be challenging if people are entering and leaving the room throughout class. So, I am going to encourage parents to stay and take the class with their kids for FREE. So for a paying child, one adult can stay and participate, totally free. If you do not stay, I will be locking the door to the outside of the building for the last 15 minutes of class. This is the portion of class, where we start to quiet down and it is challenging for some kids to calm themselves even without any distractions. So, to help the kids get the most out of the class, I want to eliminate any unnecessary noise. Thanks for understanding.

YOGA KIDS – Ages 5 – 10, January 7th – February 18th, 4:15 – 5:00 at SABYS, the Bikram Studio at 13 Center Street, St. Albans. The class lasts 7 weeks and will cost $60. Parents may join their child as an ACTIVE participant for FREE. This class needs 4 registrations to run, so please pre-register to ensure that the class will run. If I do not have 4 by noon on January 6th, the class will be cancelled.

YOGA KIDS for Grades 4-6, 3:30-4:30, at SATEC, through OPEN DOORS. January 16 – February 13th. Although this is at SATEC, children from any school can attend, provided that they have their own transportation. The cost is usually $20. Please contact Mary Rose Bedard at SATEC , mrbedard@fcsuvt.org to see if there is space available. First priority goes to SATEC students.

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