Kids Classes – New News

Unfortunately, I didn’t have quite enough enrollments to run the Kids class this time. However, I still have many people saying that they would like a kids class. So, I am taking a new approach. If you are interested in a Kids class, email me at and tell me the ages of your kids and what months/days/times are best. This way, I can create a class for the ages that are interested and hopefully pick a time that can work for more people.

Another change is that the SATEC Open Doors class, that starts next Friday, is for Grades 2-4. So, if you are interested, get in touch with Mary Rose Bedard at SATEC to see if there is space at

PS – Don’t forget about FUNKY FLOW on Thursday, 7:00 at SABYS at 13 Center, St. Albans, $10 – This class will incorporate lots of fun music that you may not see in a traditional class. It will be open to all levels, but will have more options for power, a slightly faster pace, include more vigorous breathing techniques and inversions. Come and give it a try! The class will last an hour, but there is an option for staying an additional 15 minutes for guided meditation.

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