Summertime Yoga!

Just a short email to let you know what is happening this summer.

The biggest news is that SABYS, the Bikram studio is closing. So, I am relocating, starting in JUNE. After much debate, I will be moving to the R Family Dojo at 260 North Main Street,  Saint Albans. It is right next to Branon’s Pools and was a furniture store not too long ago. The space is big, so we will have plenty of room. We will be the only ones in there, so it will be quiet while we have class. It is also climate controlled with both heat and air conditioning, so we can always be comfortable. I am truly sad to see the only yoga studio in St. Albans close, but I think that the new space has some benefits.

As of now, the only classes that I will teach this summer are Tuesday nights at 7:00 at SABYS / R Family Dojo and the 5:30 at NMC for employees. There will not be class July 14th and 15th or August 4th and 5th.

I am incredibly excited to finish my 200 RYT this summer. This means that I will complete my 200 hours of yoga training and be able to be a Registered Yoga Teacher. I have a 4 day training in Montreal in August that I will attend and be done! Yay! I started this journey back in 2008 with a Yoga Kids training and have been teaching ever since. Many people do complete all of the training within a year, but I clearly stretched it out a bit to work around the rest of my life. For me, I think it worked well to learn a block of information and take the time to apply it in classes before I added more. I will continue to attend trainings in the future, as I enjoy it and always love to learn new things to bring to class. Maybe I will go for the RYT 500? Who knows what the future holds.

Thank you so much for all of your support:) I always love feedback on anything you like or didn’t like….intensity (more or less), music(rocking or mellow)… anything at all. I always hope to make the class better and appreciate any comments that you may have.


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